Dark Cities / Shyue Woon
100.80 SGD

Shyue Woon
Dark Cities
Singapore, 2017
Box set of 3, Hardcover

148 x 210 mm

"Started 3 years ago, the work is motivated by my interest in fringe spaces within modern constructed urban centres and megacities. I am curious about how built environments and their utility get subverted over time. Currently there are three works in the series Carpark, Capsule and Euljiro. I liken my photography process to that of a crime scene investigator. I collect and document physical evidences of compliance and subversion. I am not interested in facts, rather how the unseen and seen affect our condition of living, imagining and subverting the paths and barriers laid out before us in cities."

About The Artist

Shyue Woon is trained as an architect and interested in the intertwining of built environment with different disciplines in art. During the day, he uses architecture to turn aspiration and dreams into constructible reality. By night, the camera becomes his tool to deconstruct and reverse reality and spaces into fiction and dreams. His work previously been exhibited in Odessa (Ukraine), Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore; his works were selected for +50, a collective for Singapore's Photographers; and to be part of “Thank you, Mr Lee” (2015), a book tribute to late LKY.