Fountain / Cai Dongdong
90.72 SGD

Cai Dongdong
Published by Jiazazhi Press

Size/220 x 270 x 15mm 
92 pages, Hardcover, Leatherette Bound 
First Edition: 500,published in Nov. 2015
Numbered & Signed

Cai Dongdong, born in Tianshui Ganshu in 1978, enlisted in 1996, studied at Beijing Film Academy in 2002. Now he lives and works in Beijing. He was awarded the first prize of the 3rd premio Terna prize in 2010. He awarded as TOP 20 of Chinese New Photographer Award in 2015.

Statement by the artist
These works were sourced from my photos taken in these years. They were piled up like chicken ribs, so I operated on them, like a surgeon. I applied various methods according to different pictures: engraving, rubbing, curling, or making a photography installation with other objects. I tried all I can to save these pictures by giving them new meanings. Each picture was printed by hand. I looked them over and over to explore their inner dramatic structures, or even another space. When the image is regarded as a pure object, the print becomes a tangible place.