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Non-Carborundum / Cao Zhiyi

40 SGD

Cao Zhiyi

Singapore, 2014

210 x 290 mm
Edition of 30

“We exhaust all resources in hopes of satisfying our perennial hunger for stimulation; at the same time, we have grown numb. We are empty within, but we still try. This is no soul-searching madness, but simply time to reinvent logic.” Edition od 30

About the Artist
Cao Zhiyi graduated from Hwachong Junior College last year. She is now taking a year out before going back to studying art. Zhiyi creates artworks based on the belief that the ambiguity of context can drive people deeper into themselves and arouse their subconscious. “I am urging viewers to abandon the rationality the world espouses and make sense of things in unorthodox ways.”

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